My Platform

Waterfront Integration

Encourage smart, open, water- and transit- oriented development Improve our Parks and sanitation enforcement Restart police foot and bike patrols

Abandoned and Vacant Properties

Fix our broken tax lien process. Enforce and enhance our building ordinances. Restore our IDA and bring affordable housing and jobs.

Smarter Budget

Improve parking policies. Replace unfair sanitation fee/tax. Direct spending towards development that improves residents’ lives.

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About Mike

Manager and Leader at IBM

Leading worldwide teams to manage Public Sector business at IBM, Mike has the experience to break through the bureaucracy of city government. (more…)

Policy, Governance, and Audit volunteer at HVFCU

Volunteering with the Policy and Governance and Supervisory Committees at Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, Mike has the experience needed to draft legislation and supervise our city’s finances. (more…)

15 year resident and homeowner

As a long-term resident and homeowner, Mike is invested and understands the kinds of issues plaguing this city. (more…)

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