About Mike

Mike YoungMike moved to the City of Poughkeepsie 10 years ago and immediately fell in love with the city’s diversity, beauty, and potential. He lived on Main Street for 5 years before moving to his current house on Barclay just a few blocks away.

Mike is  a team lead of the z/OS Modernization Defect Support group at IBM. He works with a group of people around the world to identify and resolve problems in IBM’s mainframe software.

For the past few years, Mike has volunteered with the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. He currently sits on their Policy and Governance Committee which drafts and reviews HVFCU policies to ensure they meet the goals and values of the Credit Union’s charter.

Mike decided to run for office after realizing the city needed people with vision and strong leadership and policy skills. As trash tumbled down the un-plowed streets these past 2 winters, he made the decision that this year would be the year he’d run. Mike believes that this city has the potential to do all of the necessary things and even more! We just need levelheaded long-term vision and planning to make it a reality.