15 year resident and homeowner

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As a long-term resident and homeowner, Mike is invested and understands the kinds of issues plaguing this city.

Mike moved to an apartment on Main St. 15 years ago and bought his home on Barclay St. about 5 years later. He knows and loves our downtown, waterfront, parks, and opportunities! He’s also aware of the need to keep an eye on steady progress since this City has gone through a number of false-starts.

Poughkeepsie today has a real chance to improve in areas like youth services, city development, affordable housing, and safety — but we need strong leadership on the City Council to make that happen. The most recent council has failed to address dangerous abandoned properties, failed to stay ahead of drug and property crime issues, and failed to make sure new development that truly benefits the residents of Poughkeepsie makes its way to our city.

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